#LoveMadeVisible: A Tribute, by Diane Hanington

Alone, afraid a child sobs, As fire burns around him
A family screams as they shiver, Searching for their youngest son
Minutes tick by, screams turn to joy, A family is reunited
When through hot flames and choking smoke, A fireman carries the child

Parent and children filled with fear, Cling to the roof of their car
Churning waters rising high, Quickly trap and surround them
A rescue team suddenly appears, High above flood waters
All are harnessed and hoisted up, The helicopter flies them to safety

Families’ homes are destroyed, People devastated
Towns are leveled, possessions gone, By the tornado’s power
With compassion a team is there, Providing what is needed
The team’s cross which is red, Gives aid to those affected

I give thanks and appreciation for the work that rescue workers do each day.
Love Made Visible.

About Diane: I’m a writer of picture books and middle grade books. I am currently working on my first MG fantasy novel. Besides writing, my passions are watching the Tennis Opens, playing tennis, researching my genealogy, browsing flea markets, crossword puzzles, and reading.


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14 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: A Tribute, by Diane Hanington

  1. Rose Cappelli says:

    What a lovely tribute, Diane! Thank you for this wonderful reminder of how our everyday heroes make love visible every day.

    • Diane Hanington says:

      Thank you Rose. I felt deep in my heart that I wanted to give thanks to these heroes whose actions sometimes aren’t given enough credit. And this is a perfect venue to use to express my thanks.

  2. Helen Kitrosser says:

    Diane, your poem shows your fitting praise and respect for heroic first-responders. Beautiful.

  3. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    What wonderfully visceral and visual testament to those that risk their lives to save others.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    I think this is a very good tribute for the people who go beyond the call of duty every day

  5. Joanne Roberts says:

    Thank-you and thanks for putting our best wishes on paper.

  6. Robin Jordan says:

    Fantastic, Diane! What a lovely tribute to our lifesavers. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words.

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