#LoveMadeVisible: Chris and the Dragon, by Liz Seaton

Chris and the Dragon signed.jpg

Liz Seaton is an aspiring kid lit writer/illustrator from Takoma Park, Maryland, and Port Wing, Wisconsin. See Liz’s work in the SCBWI Gallery or on Facebook at Whimsy Every Day

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4 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: Chris and the Dragon, by Liz Seaton

  1. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    What fun and playful lines. Dragonheart 🙂

  2. Kristen C.S. says:

    The colors and textures are super fun and inviting. And I love how the heart feels fiery with a smokey pink center. =)

  3. Erik Ammon says:

    I love it! And especially the dragon

  4. Joanne Roberts says:

    Thanks for sharing your whimsy with us!

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