What’s the FORCE Behind Your Work? Part 3, by Team EPA SCBWI

One with the Force
by Kim Briggs
Co-Regional Advisor

“I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me,” Chirrut Imwe chants repeatedly while he and Baze Malbus protect Jin and Cassian from enemy forces at the remains of the Temple of the Kyber located in the Holy City of Jedha. During the initial battle scene, Chirrut Imwe is grossly outnumbered, but that doesn’t stop him from kicking some serious Dark Side ass. Now add to the equation the fact that he’s blind. BLIND.

As creatives, we struggle with Imposter Syndrome. We doubt our work. We regularly participate in bouts of self-loathing especially in our ability to put words on the page or paint on the paper. We procrastinate with binge watching sessions of Star Wars, Gilmore Girls, and Stranger Things. We fail to put our creative work ahead of laundry piles and dirty dishes. We neglect to use the Force around us for the advancement of our creative pursuits.

Chirrut Imwe’s firm belief in himself and the Force ensures that his blindness is not a weakness, and it is not an obstacle. His blindness allows him to open his senses to the world around him and use the Force and his belief in it to thrive in any circumstance. Obstacles are opportunities. Imposter Syndrome is an obstacle we must overcome. So my friends, I ask you, “Are you one with the Force, and is the Force with you?”

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