A Cafe Chat with Agent and Novel Nuts & Bolts Leader Linda Camacho, by Lindsay Bandy


I’m so excited about our upcoming 3-part workshop, Novel Nuts & Bolts, with agent Linda Camacho! A few spots are still available, and you can register through May 20. Nuts & Bolts spans three months of intense work on your middle-grade or YA novel, starting Saturday June 9. Participants will meet at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Through Round Table format, writers will work on everything from preparing a pitch to polishing opening chapters. You can find more info and register here, but first stop by the Cafe with Linda to hear firsthand what she has in store for us.


Hi there, Linda, and welcome to the Eastern Penn Points Cafe! As we settle into our comfy booth, can we get you a drink? 

Yes, please! I’ll have a Coke 😉

And a little something to munch on? 

I’ve been in a doughnut mood, so I’ll go for that!

Is there a non-doughnut mood?? I think every mood deserves a good doughnut.

wangAs an agent, you work on everything from middle grade to adult. Can you tell us about a few books (client or not) that you recently enjoyed? 

That’s a tough one, since there are so many fantastic books. Right now, I’m reading Jen Wang’s fantastic The Prince and the Dressmaker (a non-client book), a graphic novel that’s been described as a prince story that meets Kinky Boots. The love story! The fashion!

correcting-1870721_1920.jpgParticipants of Novel Nuts and Bolts are looking forward to having your expert eye and feedback on our early pages, queries, and pitches this summer. We all want a submission package that leaves agents, editors, and readers asking for more – so what kinds of things tend to stop you in your tracks while reading first pages, or raise red flags in a query? 

In the query, it’s best not to slam the genre in which you’re writing, essentially saying, “All YA is bad and terrible, but mine is the best ever!” Don’t do that. Oh, and don’t address me as Mrs. GalltZacker, which has happened, lol.

Good to know, Mrs. Gal–I mean, Ms. Camacho!

feedback-2044701_1920.pngThe cool thing about this workshop is that we have not one, but three meetings. This will give us time to identify those red flags, then receive further feedback on our progress. Will writers also have the chance to receive feedback from one another during the round-tables? 

Oh, definitely. It’ll be run like an MFA workshop, where each provides feedback as well.

How would you describe your agenting style? 

I take on clients whose work I feel very invested in, so I’m very editorial and collaborative throughout the process.

What excites you most about Novel Nuts and Bolts? 

I love getting to meet with new writers and helping them along their journey to publication!

We’re excited, too! See you for our first meeting on June 9!

Just click here for the schedule, and to register!

Linda Camacho was always a fan of escaping into a good book, so the fact that she gets to make it her career is still surreal. She graduated from Cornell with a B.S. in Communication and has seen many sides of the industry. She’s held various positions at Penguin Random House, Dorchester, Simon and Schuster, and Writers House literary agency until she ventured into agenting at Prospect. She’s done everything from foreign rights to editorial to marketing to operations, so it was amazing to see how all the departments worked together to bring books to life. Somewhere in between all that (and little sleep), Linda received her MFA in creative writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Now at Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency, Linda continues to work with colleagues and clients who inspire her every day in both the children’s and adult categories.
Linda is especially interested in working on middle-grade and YA novels during this workshop.


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