#LoveMadeVisible: Welcome to our February Love-Themed Blog Event, by Laura Parnum

Welcome to the #LoveMadeVisible February blog event at EasternPennPoints! This is our annual showcase of love-themed art and poetry from our very talented Eastern PA SCBWI members. I’ve received many wonderful submissions that I can’t wait to share with you over the course of the month.

I’m not a poet or an artist myself, but I thought I’d kick off this month of celebrating love with a poem I wrote when I was in fourth grade. (The art and poetry will only get better after this, I promise!) I had recently received a stuffed monkey for Christmas that I loved more than life itself. He was my everything. I named him Bogie.

Here is the poem I wrote about Bogie in January of 1983:


By Laura Parnum (age 9)

Bogie is blue. He is also new.
He is a munk not a skunk.
He may get drunk but never flunk.
He’s very kind and you will find
if you had him life wouldn’t be dim.
I’d never name him Larie or Tim,
just Bogie.
I’d never name him Patric or Sam
or trade him for a Transam.
All I want is Bogie ’cause I love Bogie
better than a hoagie.

And please check out the accompanying drawing of—not my beloved Bogie—but . . . a HOAGIE!


Stay warm, and stay tuned all February long as we fill our EasternPennPoints blog with love from our amazing Eastern PA SCBWI members.


Laura Parnum is a native of Philadelphia and is the blogmaster for the Eastern PA chapter of SCBWI. It seems that most everything Laura does involves books in some way. She writes quirky and humorous middle grade novels and is a freelance fiction copyeditor. She is an SCBWI critique group leader, volunteers as an elementary school library assistant, has led book groups and provided reading support for third graders, and has volunteered as a mentor at Mighty Writers in Philadelphia. She also has a pet turtle named Hamlet. You can follow her on Twitter (@LauraParnum) and visit her website at www.LauraParnumBooks.com.

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4 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: Welcome to our February Love-Themed Blog Event, by Laura Parnum

  1. Susan North says:

    Love it Laura! I’m impressed that you have writing from elementary school!

  2. Hilarious, Laura! Thanks for sharing one of your early pieces!

  3. Kristen C.S. says:

    I always love to see where fellow writers got their start. What a fun way to kick off this month of love with some authentic childhood voice. Inspired to dig out some of my own. =)

  4. Anni Matsick says:

    Your delightful rhyme, “if you had him life wouldn’t be dim” speaks so sweetly for all who love their stuffed toy companions. A charming opening poem for this wonderful annual feature.

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