#LoveMadeVisible: Timeless Love, by Tanisha Chambers


Timeless Love

By Tanisha Chambers

Let me tell you a little something about love
Most say love is like the season pains
Love can fall like all things fall apart
Even become ice cold and distant
Do a 360 And the pieces is mended like two souls intertwined
Cry tears of joy only for the seed to be planted Blossom into something victorious
Love is our pain
Love is the strength you find in each other when you are weak
Love is like a magnetic force pulling your souls in the same direction
Love is this moment Day by day Hour by hour Second by second Kind of love

Love is timeless
Love is present meets the past
Past meets the present
Kind of love
Love is that timeless kind of love
Loving every moment every kiss kind of love
Love is unity, this partnership kinda love

This Love was destined to meet
Two souls connected
Destined to intertwine
Two souls destined to be
This day was destiny
To timeless love


Tanisha Chambers found her love of writing and creating poetry at the age of seven. As a child she read for hours, never wanting to put the book down. Shortly after, she found herself writing short stories and poems that popped into her head. So here she is doing what she loves.

Tanisha was born and raised in Philly to Jamaican parents. She attended public school in the Philadelphia area and graduated from Martin Luther King High School. She later attended Rosemont College, where she studied accounting and graduated in May 2011. During her time in college she wrote stories and poetry for her women’s studies classes that brought back memories of her reading and writing stories as a child.

Her inspiration to write Children’s books (Zuri and the Monster and Zuri’s Day of Pranks) came when her little sister, Zuri, was born, and she challenged her to find her creativity again. Tanisha hopes to bring back the traditions of parents and kids taking the time out to read and enjoy the pleasures of small things in life. Tanisha hopes her books inspire and help others to find the stories within.

You can visit Tanisha’s website at www.tanishachambers.com and follow her on Instagram (Zuriadventuresbooks) and Twittter (@mizz.chambers).


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    Thanks for sharing your love with us.

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