#LoveMadeVisible: The Life of Zerah, by Jordana Chana Mayim + Giveaway

zerah - 90

The Life of Zerah

by Jordana Chana Mayim

One lucky commenter will win a free e-book from Jordana!

**Must comment on blog to enter. Contest will close February 28, 2019.**

Jordana Chana Mayim is a writer, illustrator, teacher, and traveler. She’s currently fulfilling a lifelong dream of backpacking around the world, though at this moment, she’s back in the U.S. visiting family and friends. You can read a more detailed biography (with lots of drawings and photos) on her website at www.jordanamayim.com. The picture she shared is from her book The Life of Zerah, the story of a seed who wants to become a tree in the hopes that he’ll be loved.


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7 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: The Life of Zerah, by Jordana Chana Mayim + Giveaway

  1. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    I love trees and your heart tree with heart leaves made me smile. Thanks! And good luck on your explorations around the world and sharing your stories.

  2. Sounds like a great idea for a story!

  3. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous! I love all the curvy line movement!!

  4. Tammy Higgins says:

    Sweetness of love is captured in this image.

  5. Kristen C.S. says:

    So much whimsy! Very fun and endearing.

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