#LoveMadeVisible: Nature’s Love, by Diane Hanington


Nature’s Love

By Diane Hanington

When your heart weighs heavy
Nature provides these smells
Open your nose to
Hyacinths in bloom
Air so pure after rain
Grass just recently mowed
Garden soil freshly dug
Rose petals opening wide
Pine trees on a forest walk


When you are not at peace
Nature provides these sounds
Open your ears to
Waterfalls splashing
Birds singing joyfully
Streams meandering by
Leaves rustling underfoot
Raindrops patter on the ground
Thunder booming from afar


When your soul needs comfort
Nature provides these smiles
Open your heart to
Sun warming your skin
Chipmunks stuffing their cheeks
Trees swaying in the breeze
Fawns playing in a meadow
Flowers bursting with color
Starlings splashing in birdbaths


When your heart is happy
Nature provides these sights
Open your eyes to
A sky’s brilliant blue
Squirrels just learning to climb
Tulips flashy colors
Groundhogs strolling through the park
Stars twinkling in the sky
Wildlife feeding their young

so, remember that

Nature provides great joy
Each day in many ways
The greatest proof
has been given to us
of Love Made Visible


Diane Hanington is a writer of picture and middle grade books. She currently has a middle grade fantasy in progress. Besides writing, her passions are watching the Tennis Opens, playing tennis, researching her genealogy, browsing flea markets, crossword puzzles, and reading. You can follow her on Twitter (@DianeHanington).

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6 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: Nature’s Love, by Diane Hanington

  1. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    Beautiful reminders of Nature’s unmitigated love, thanks Diane.

    • Diane Hanington says:

      Thank you Chrissa. Yes, Nature provides so much that encompasses all of our senses and I wanted to bring that into my poem.

  2. Kristen C.S. says:

    Thanks to God for giving us these daily reminders of His love in the Creation. And thanks to you for sewing them together in this poem. =)

    • Diane Hanington says:

      Thank you Kristen. Yes, Nature is God’s gift to us in all it’s splendor. That’s what I was trying to convey with my poem so thanks for picking up on it!

  3. Helen Kitrosser says:

    You wrote a lovely and insightful poem, Diane. Thank you for sharing it to inspire us with the wonders of nature. Perfect image of Love Made Visible.

    • Diane Hanington says:

      Hi Helen! Thank you. Nature’s wonders makes my heart soar, especially watching wildlife go about their lives.

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