#Vacation: “The Best Vacation of All!” a Poem by Diane Hanington


The Best Vacation of All!

By Diane Hanington

My eyes won’t stop wandering,
My attention is in lack.
My legs are extremely restless,
Can’t wait to go home and pack.

At last the bell finally rings,
A hundred feet hit the ground.
Doors burst open, we’re free at last,
We make such a roaring sound.

School’s over and summer’s here,
Off on vacation we go.
Where you going? What will you do?
Everybody wants to know.

Hiking trails, digging for clams,
Those sound like lots of good fun.
Amusement park, aquarium,
Those I already have done.

Hang gliding, horseback riding,
Those I give a big up-thumb.
Ocean whaling, mountain scaling,
Those I’ll do in years to come.

All my classmates they agree,
My vacation beats them all.
Because I’m headed to Space Camp,
Where I’ll surely have a ball!

How’d you get to go? they ask,
It was a battle hard won.
Used a bit of psychology,
And won my vacation fun.

When reading the camp brochure,
My parents wouldn’t let me go.
Stopped asking for a puppy dog,
Pretended to be in woe.

Then my parents changed their minds,
Yes, to Space Camp I could go.
Awesome cool! A puppy can wait,
There’s a secret that I know.

It’s alright, it really is,
September is the time when,
The neighbor’s pups hit three months old,
And I’ll start asking again.


Diane Hanington is an author of picture books and middle grade stories. She enjoys attending conferences and webinars to better learn the craft. Besides writing, her passions are watching the tennis opens, playing tennis, genealogy, crossword puzzles, drawing, and reading. She’s still learning how to navigate Twitter (@DianeHanington).


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  1. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    What a great concept, a vacation into outerspace! Everything else would pale in comparison for sure.

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