#Vacation: Beach Life, by Rebecca Thornburgh


Beach Life

By Rebecca Thornburgh


Rebecca Thornburgh has illustrated somewhere around 135 children’s books, two nine-foot fiberglass polar bears, and a buncha murals. In July of 2019, Rebecca will graduate from Hamline University with an MFA in creative writing for children and young adults, where she wrote and illustrated a middle-grade graphic novel memoir. Rebecca also sings with Mendelssohn Chorus, a 140-singer classical ensemble, and the Philadelphia Women’s Music Project. She lives with her husband David and a goofy dog Nemo in a pleasantly spooky Victorian house in Philadelphia. You can visit her website at www.rebeccathornburgh.com and connect with her on Twitter (@disbecca), Instagram (disbecca), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaThornburghIllustrator/).


notepad-117597__480SUMMER STARTERS: Looking for new writing/illustrating ideas? Is the weather hot, but your mind cool? If so, then check out these prompts from award-winning children’s author (and EPA-SCBWI member) Tony Fredericks. Ready! Set! Go!

  • A gryphon and a chimera are added to the town zoo. They soon become the most popular attractions.
  • Isaac and Sissy are left alone in their log cabin in the middle of the woods. A very curious bear decides to visit.
  • Herbert, his family, and other Japanese-Americans are transferred to an internment camp during WWII.
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2 Responses to #Vacation: Beach Life, by Rebecca Thornburgh

  1. Anni Matsick says:

    Cute little creatures begging to be colored! (I’d go for the stars first).

  2. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    As always love your whimsical art work Rebecca.

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