#Vacation: “Beach Walking,” a Poem by Chrissa Pedersen


Beach Walking

By Chrissa Pedersen

I’ve forgotten how,
To walk on the beach.
Finding that line
Where the sand is firm,
But not so hard it hurts my feet.
Sand—fresh washed by the sea.
“I agree,” I say to no one.
Permanence is an illusion.

Chrissa Pedersen holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. When she’s not writing, she’s out exploring the world and reveling in its wonders. You can check out her blog at https://chrissajpedersen.blogspot.com/ and follow her on Twitter (@ChrissaPed).  


notepad-117597__480SUMMER STARTERS: Looking for new writing/illustrating ideas? Is the weather hot, but your mind cool? If so, then check out these prompts from award-winning children’s author (and EPA-SCBWI member) Tony Fredericks. Ready! Set! Go!

  • Robert loves the number “3.” Everywhere he looks in town he can find the number “3”—in signs, on cars, and on storefronts.
  • Isaac wants to be a cowboy more than anything else in the world. Only trouble is—he lives in the middle of New York City.
  • “You can’t do that! It’s disgusting.”
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  1. Diane Hanington says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. KCS says:

    Beautiful, Chrissa!

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