#Vacation: Summer Sunflowers, by Lynne Dempsey


Summer Sunflowers

By Lynne Dempsey


Lynne made a deal with a teenage family member. If they did something outside their comfort zone, she would, too. They held up their end of the bargain. So, here is Lynne’s illustration. A deal’s a deal. LOL.

Lynne Dempsey enjoys writing children’s books. Her Take the Dog Out series has won fifteen awards. Coconut Dempsey, an adorable Maltichon, is the star of the series. Lynne and her family reside in lovely Lancaster County, PA. You can visit her website at www.takethedogout.com.


notepad-117597__480SUMMER STARTERS: Looking for new writing/illustrating ideas? Is the weather hot, but your mind cool? If so, then check out these prompts from award-winning children’s author (and EPA-SCBWI member) Tony Fredericks. Ready! Set! Go!

  • Mr. Fitzhugh is 84 years old and comes every Friday to Holton Elementary School to tell stories.
  • Robin fixes breakfast for her mother on Mother’s Day. It’s not exactly what you might find in a restaurant.
  • Frog can’t wait for winter to be over. He keeps checking, but every day there’s still snow on the ground and frost on the trees.


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    So glad you shared! Love it ☺.

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