Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day: Let Nature Offer Her Gentle Healing, by Andree Santini

This April we are filling the EasternPennPoints blog with art and poetry in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Flowering tree

Let Nature Offer Her Gentle Healing

by Andree Santini

All of nature is about change, growth, and transformation. We’re part of nature, and so we too change, grow, and transform. We come, we live, and we go.

Spring is a great time to step outside and watch the changes unfolding around us. It’s a time for hope; for wonder; for soaking in the beauty; for feeling grateful for the gifts nature offers us; for planting and patience; and for feeling connected to Earth, to all its life forms, and to all people around the planet. It’s a reminder to take care of our home, Earth, because she takes care of us. Connecting deeply to nature helps us feel our beauty and strength as well as our vulnerability. It helps us to contemplate and embrace life’s mysteries.

We can let nature offer her gentle healing to help us stay well, strong, and hopeful. Maybe try sitting with a tree or examining some flowers today, or turn over a rock and watch some insects. Or just sit and breathe in some fresh air. Immerse yourself in nature’s creativity, and let her inspire yours.


Andree Santini teaches, writes, and illustrates to promote positive imagination and balanced movement towards creative, joyful well-being. She’s been a member of SCBWI since 2011. Also a chemist, she has over 25 years of experience inventing art products for children, and holds seven US patents with additional patents pending. Andree learned to paint and draw while testing thousands of exploratory formulas in the lab. Mostly a self-taught artist, she has also studied drawing with Sean Delonas, watercolors with Ann Lindsay and Dana Van Horn, and illustration with Chuck Vlasics and Sean Delonas. You can find her creative blog at www.inspirationforcreativity, and you can visit her website at www.andreesantini.com.

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  1. KCS says:

    Great color and movement. This tree is bursting with life! =)

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