PAL Corner: Four Ways to Promote Your Books Through SCBWI Today! by Lindsay Bandy

Hi, everyone, I’m really excited to be back on Eastern Penn Points with a column for our published members! As your PAL coordinator, I can’t wait to get to know you better, talk about your needs, concerns, and achievements, and keep you informed about all the good stuff SCBWI has to offer right now. And I’m especially excited to keep adding more and more published members as we work toward success together.
For our first installment of the PAL Corner, I’d like to highlight a few current opportunities to sell and promote your books through SCBWI online. So much has been changing on the main web site as we’ve transitioned to digital opportunities this year, so here’s a little rundown of what you can do today to get more eyes on your books.

First, be sure to add any publications to your home page! You can add these books to various other lists from there. And if you need to apply for PAL status, just click on the link in the menu on your left. If you need help navigating this, don’t be shy!

1. Add your books to the Member Book Store. This can be done from My Home. Scroll down to the BOOKS section, and click to add publications. You can then add these to the SCBWI Member Bookstore, a searchable database with links for purchase. To check out the store, just click here:

Art by Tina Kugler

2. Sign up for the Winter Conference and add up to two of your books to the Event Book Store! This is a free feature for anyone registered for the conference. Just log in and visit  

Helpful Hint: Changes are not saved automatically as you enter your info, so make sure you manually save frequently as you fill out the form. Then, you won’t have to redo everything like this girl right here. (Oopsie!)

3. Add your book to an appropriate Monthly Reading List. Monthly themes have been selected for the year, and you can add your book through My Home. Visit the Reading List page to learn more!

We’re currently celebrating Black History Month, and March will be Women’s History Month!

4. The Crystal Kites are just around the corner, with voting beginning April 1. You can enter your book NOW, and preview the others already listed in the Atlantic Division by visiting

That’s all for now, PALs! 

Stay safe and healthy, and keep in touch.


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  1. Sandy Asher says:

    So glad that there’s a PAL Corner and that you’re in charge, Lindsay!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks, Lindsay!

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