Call for Blog Submissions: Personal Journeys!

We Want to Hear from YOU!

The EasternPennPoints blog is always open to submissions from our members. If you’d like to share a part of your writing or illustrating journey online, we’re happy to feature it on our blog and repost it on our social media platforms to share with our members and followers.

Got some advice for other creators? Send it our way! Want to share a “How I Got My Agent/Book Deal” story? Hit us up! Feel like boosting a fellow Eastern PA SCBWI member’s accomplishment? Conduct an interview with them and we’ll post it here! Our aim is to educate others by sharing learning experiences, advice, resources, and tips related to the creation and business of children’s and YA books.

Contributing to our blog can be a one-time thing or a regular occurrence. And since SCBWI is a global organization well recognized in the publishing industry, contributing to our regional blog can be a great item to include in a query letter bio if you’re looking to fill it out with industry-related accomplishments.

Submission Guidelines:

  • If you have an idea for a personal piece related to the creation or business of children’s or YA books to share on our blog, send an email to Co-Regional Advisor (and Blogmaster) Laura Parnum at to discuss your idea.
  • Contributors must be current Eastern PA SCBWI members.
  • All contributions must be your own work.
  • All contributions must relate to writers, illustrators, or translators of children’s or YA books or to the creation of or business of children’s or YA books.
  • A little self-promotion is okay, but our aim is to educate by sharing learning experiences, advice, resources, and tips so that others may benefit from your knowledge.
  • Please keep your word count below 1,000 words. Many times, less is more!
  • Please do not include artwork or images due to copyright concerns (jacket covers and author photos/headshots are permissible).
  • Please paste written work in the body of your email (no attachments).
  • Please include a brief bio with your work (~100 words).
  • Publication on the EasternPennPoints blog is not guaranteed. All submissions will be reviewed by team members to ensure that they adhere to SCBWI’s Code of Conduct.

We Can’t Wait to Hear from You!

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  1. Nadine Poper says:

    Hi Laura. I will write a blog post about the PA Young Readers Choice Award.

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