The Importance of a Critique Group, by C.J. Bolognese-Warrington

This month’s comic is in appreciation of critique groups and critique partners. We are immensely grateful for those extra eyes on our work to help point out plotholes, shine the light on inconsistencies, or offer amazing insights and suggestions. Look for comics by C.J. Bolognese-Warrington on the third Friday of each month here on the EasternPennPoints blog.

The Importance of a Critique Group

Christopher-James Bolognese-Warrington is an illustrator/graphic designer who, along with his wife, owns Kelsey and C.J. Creative Studio. Prior to starting their own studio, C.J. graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and spent 10 years as an in-house graphic designer and illustrator. C.J. creates whimsical illustrations with bright colors and quirky characters, which offer a glimpse of his view of the world. When not at his drawing desk, C.J. can be found on long walks with his wife and dog, debating whether pasta or pizza is best.

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1 Response to The Importance of a Critique Group, by C.J. Bolognese-Warrington

  1. rosecappelli says:

    Love this! And so true – sometimes there is just too much info to absorb. I’ll be thinking of this when I meet with my critique group later today. Thanks for bringing a smile on this rainy Friday morning.

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