A Café Chat with Author-Illustrator Sharee Miller, by Jenny Krumrine

Author-Illustrator Sharee Miller will be joining our SCBWI chapter at the Pocono Remix 2023 retreat this April at the Highlights Foundation. Sharee will run a workshop titled Lessons drawn from writing: How writing made me a better illustrator (and vice versa), provide critiques for those who have signed up, and deliver the closing keynote speech. In preparation for this event, Jenny Krumrine had a virtual chat with Sharee for EasternPennPoints. Here’s what they had to say.

A Café Chat with Author-Illustrator Sharee Miller, by Jenny Krumrine

Jenny: Hi Sharee, welcome to the EasternPennPoints virtual café! It’s so nice to “meet” you now, but I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person at the upcoming Pocono Remix 2023! Have you attended this event in years past?

Sharee: This is my first time attending this event but my second time being back at the Highlights Foundation.

Jenny: What are you looking forward to most about the first in-person Pocono retreat since the start of the pandemic?

Sharee: I’m looking forward to being back in this inspiring space and getting to connect with other authors and illustrators. Whenever I get to be in a room full of other creative people, I feel reenergized and inspired!

Jenny: You’ll be leading an Illustrator Workshop called “Lessons drawn from writing: How writing made me a better illustrator (and vice versa).” Can you share a little bit with us now about your process and what we can look forward to learning more about at your workshop?

Sharee: I often switch between writing and illustrating when I start my projects. Even when I’m just illustrating a project, I like to take detailed notes to fully understand the world the author is creating. Writing activates another part of your creative brain. Making a plan before you illustrate can be a beneficial step even before sketching.

Jenny: I find it inspiring to learn about the career path of impactful creators like yourself. Can you tell us about yours?

Sharee: I studied illustration at Pratt Institute where I had the pleasure of learning about picture books from Pat Cummings. Once I graduated, I began in the fashion industry designing graphics for children’s t-shirts. I self-published my first book PRINCESS HAIR which was later traditionally published by Little Brown, who also publishes all my author/illustrator books. I recently finished my debut Graphic novel CURLFRIENDS: NEW IN TOWN, which comes out this October! I’m currently writing book two in the series while juggling a few other illustration projects.

Jenny: One of the events at the Pocono Remix that I’m looking forward to is the Silent Pitch. This is a free event where creators display a several-sentence pitch for one of their projects, alongside either illustration samples or an aesthetics/mood board. Do you have some advice for how creators can help their work “speak for itself” at the Silent Pitch?

Sharee: This is such a great event. I’m excited to see everyone’s work. Being able to share what your story is about in a few short sentences is hard, but I think leading with the part you’re most excited about will get others excited to know more.

Jenny: Before we go, I wanted to be sure to mention to our blog-readers how much fun your personal website is. There’s a lot to explore, including your Teaching Tips for your picture book MICHELLE’S GARDEN: HOW THE FIRST LADY PLANTED SEEDS OF CHANGE, home-school bundles, activity pages, and digital downloads of free phone wallpapers!

Sharee: Yay! I hope everyone enjoys my freebies and checks out my society6 shop!

Jenny: Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! 

Sharee: Thanks for having me!

Sharee Miller is an award-winning author-illustrator. She works both traditionally and digitally to create fresh and colorful characters that inspire joy and celebration. She is most known for her acclaimed picture book Don’t Touch My Hair. She is currently working on her debut middle-grade graphic novel series titled Curlfriends and illustrating the graphic novel adaptation of One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.

Pocono Remix 2023 Retreat Info

Our annual retreat is back and in-person! It will be a weekend of amazing faculty, craft talks, industry insights, and the chance to meet with fellow creators all set at the beautiful Highlights Foundation in Boyd’s Mills, PA.

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