Member News—April 2023

Member News is a monthly feature on the EasternPennPoints blog. We want to celebrate our Eastern PA SCBWI members’ good news and help spread the word far and wide. Send us your children’s book–related news—book deals, releases, awards, author or illustrator events (signings, launch parties, appearances), etc. If you’d like your news to be included in next month’s column, please email Laura Parnum at or fill out our “Good News Survey” before the 20th of the month.

Here’s some exciting news from our members this month!

Book Release

The Secret Life of the Flying Squirrel illustrated by Kate Garchinsky

Illustrator Kate Garchinsky’s latest book in the Secret Life animal series by Laurence Pringle released on April 11 (Astra Young Readers). The Secret Life of the Flying Squirrel follows a year in the life of Volans, a flying squirrel, as she glides in the night air to hunt for food, deftly avoids danger from a raccoon, and gives birth to three tiny pups before preparing once again for the coming winter. Emerging at night from a cozy nest high in a tree, Volans the flying squirrel glides down. Although called a “flying” squirrel, she actually doesn’t fly—she glides using fur-covered flaps. Her instincts lead her to her hidden cache of food. She is also looking for a roomier hiding place because she is ready to give birth. When her pups are born she stays close to home, giving them milk and keeping them safe from predators until they can venture out on their own. Filled with intriguing facts and Kate’s gorgeous illustrations, readers will be fascinated by the story of these remarkable rodents. This latest title in the Secret Life series has been vetted by a flying squirrel expert and includes back matter with more in-depth information, a glossary, and further resources.

Book Release

Author Jeanne Moran released her fourth book, a whimsical middle-grade fantasy called Someone for Sasquatch (April 12, 2023). When some of her magic-filled arrows don’t work, a creative Friendship Fairy invents a new way to connect humans. A rule-following Love Fairy makes trouble for her by reporting this violation to Headquarters. Other fairies begin to take sides. To settle the growing conflict, Headquarters creates a contest. The two fairies are challenged to find a human companion for the loneliest creature on earth: Sasquatch. But while the two fairies bicker and compete, they learn about a plot to destroy not only Sasquatch but all cryptid species—including fairies . . . . You can find the book on Amazon at

Upcoming Book Release

Ian’s Show and Tell Surprise: A Story about Autism Spectrum Disorder illustrated by Christopher-James (C.J.) Bolognese-Warrington

Illustrator Christopher-James (C.J.) Bolognese-Warrington, who you may recognize as our monthly comic contributor on the EasternPennPoints blog, has illustrated the book Ian’s Show and Tell Surprise: A Story About Autism Spectrum Disorder, which was written by Vicenta Montgomery and will be released in May. Ian’s Show and Tell Surprise: A Story about Autism Spectrum Disorder is the story of a friendly third grader that does things a little out of the ordinary at times. He wants to join in with his friends at school but isn’t sure how to let them know. When the teacher announces that Show and Tell is coming up, Ian sees it as the perfect opportunity to Show the class some fun things to Tell them all about autism. Will he be able to help them understand him better or will they just laugh at him? Follow along to see if Ian becomes the superhero of his own story, and find out if shining a light on his differences will work out the way he hopes it will! You can find the book on Amazon at

Crystal Kite Round Two Advancement

A Poem Grows Inside You by Katey Howes

The picture book A Poem Grows Inside You by Katey Howes (The Innovation Press, November 2022) has advanced to round two of voting for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award. The annual Crystal Kite Award is a peer-given award to recognize great books from fifteen SCBWI regional divisions around the world. All SCBWI members are eligible to vote for one book from their regional division. Voting ends April 30, and winners will be announced in May.

Translation and Preorder Availability

Paisley’s Big Birthday by Heather Pierce Stigall

Author Heather Pierce Stigall recently announced that her picture book Paisley’s Big Birthday (Clavis Publishing, August 22, 2023) will be translated into Russian. The English version of the book is now available for preorder wherever books are sold. You can find preorder links here: Paisley’s birthday is today, right? Then why doesn’t she feel any older? She still has trouble reading, still has trouble jumping in the Hopstacle Course, and is still in Bunnygarten. When will she finally be big? A sweet story about having patience as we grow. For everyone ages 4 years and up. 

SCBWI Recommended Reading List—April 2023

Each month, SCBWI features books written and illustrated by members. Every month highlights a new theme that will foster discussions, activities, and enjoyment. This month’s theme was “Celebrate the Earth.” Books created by Eastern PA members this month included Wake, Sleepy One, illustrated by Lisa Powell Braun, In the Palm of My Hand written by Jennifer Raudenbush, A Planet Like Ours co-written by Frank Murphy, and A Poem Grows Inside You written by Katie Howes.

If you have good news to share, please send it to to be included in next month’s Member News column or fill out our “Good News Survey.”

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