#LoveMadeVisible: How Do I Love Thee, by Kathy Spall

how do i love thee

How Do I Love Thee

By Kathy Spall

Kathy Spall studied art and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in fashion design. Later she taught PE at a preschool and ballet, tap, and acro classes at a dance studio. Now she is combining her love of art and children by writing and illustrating picture books. She is currently working on a book that teaches movement skills and encourages children to join in the fun. She lives with her husband, Walter, and dog, Zoey, in eastern Pennsylvania. She has two grown children and one granddaughter who is the inspiration for her story.

Visit Kathy’s website at https://kjspall2.wixsite.com/mysite.

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#LoveMadeVisible: Bear and His Eggs, by Meg Auchenbach


Bear and His Eggs

by Meg Auchenbach

Meg Auchenbach is an illustrator, writer, and educator with a B.F.A in painting and an M.F.A in Illustration. As a child, Meg created many books and dreamt of being a children’s book writer and illustrator. She was also known for eating crayons and coloring on things that she wasn’t supposed to with marker.

In her illustration, Meg creates magical worlds for children to exist in and explores the relationships among humans, animals, and the natural world, as well as wonderings about the workings of the universe.

The artist lives and works in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, with her husband, two young children, two cats, a deaf pit bull, and flock of chickens.

Visit her website at www.megauchenbach.com and follow her on Instagram (@megauchenbachart) and Twitter (@MegAuchenbach).

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#LoveMadeVisible: Nature’s Love, by Diane Hanington


Nature’s Love

By Diane Hanington

When your heart weighs heavy
Nature provides these smells
Open your nose to
Hyacinths in bloom
Air so pure after rain
Grass just recently mowed
Garden soil freshly dug
Rose petals opening wide
Pine trees on a forest walk


When you are not at peace
Nature provides these sounds
Open your ears to
Waterfalls splashing
Birds singing joyfully
Streams meandering by
Leaves rustling underfoot
Raindrops patter on the ground
Thunder booming from afar


When your soul needs comfort
Nature provides these smiles
Open your heart to
Sun warming your skin
Chipmunks stuffing their cheeks
Trees swaying in the breeze
Fawns playing in a meadow
Flowers bursting with color
Starlings splashing in birdbaths


When your heart is happy
Nature provides these sights
Open your eyes to
A sky’s brilliant blue
Squirrels just learning to climb
Tulips flashy colors
Groundhogs strolling through the park
Stars twinkling in the sky
Wildlife feeding their young

so, remember that

Nature provides great joy
Each day in many ways
The greatest proof
has been given to us
of Love Made Visible


Diane Hanington is a writer of picture and middle grade books. She currently has a middle grade fantasy in progress. Besides writing, her passions are watching the Tennis Opens, playing tennis, researching her genealogy, browsing flea markets, crossword puzzles, and reading. You can follow her on Twitter (@DianeHanington).

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#LoveMadeVisible: That’s Amore, by Suzanne Gaadt

amore coffeebear roma sm

©Suzanne Gaadt, gaadt.com

That’s Amore

By Suzanne Gaadt

Suzanne Gaadt is an award-winning designer and illustrator. She’s passionate about books and the arts and is a keen observer of the natural world. Suzanne’s stationery company, Give A Fig™, features her illustrations on cards and gifts. She gives back a portion of every item sold to eco-nonprofits. Suzanne also writes and illustrates children’s books at her studio in the bucolic Brandywine Valley. Currently, she’s illustrating two book covers and seeking a publisher for her picture book, “Gudrid the Explorer: Voyages of a Viking Girl.”

You can check out Suzanne’s website at gaadt.com.

And be sure to follow her on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgaadt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuzanneGaadt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgaadt/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/giveafig/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GiveAFig/

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#LoveMadeVisible: Olive and Sticky Bear, by Nancy Herman

oliive and sticky bear tasting honey

Olive and Sticky Bear

by Nancy Herman

This is a story about Olive and the bear she loves. You can find a video of the book and song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95qqU-bVaAo&feature=youtu.be.

Nancy Herman is an artist and illustrator. Her website is www.nancyherman.com. She is working on a book about Olive as she gets a bit older called “Maybe Next Year.” Illustrations can be found on Instagram at www.instagram.com/nclearwaterherman1.


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#LoveMadeVisible: Sisterly and Brotherly Love with Lola and Louie, by Berrie Torgan-Randall + Giveaway


Lola Entertains Louie on a Snowy Day

Written and Illustrated by Berrie Torgan-Randall

Lola is a spunky and precocious seven-year-old whose adventures and misadventures with her five-year-old brother, Louie, create an engaging visual storyline for readers and nonreaders alike. Each comic is a pictorial representation of an event that urges the reader or prereader to imagine the narrative. Monthly episodes are available on Facebook at berrietrart and on Instagram at #lolaandlouiecartoon.

One lucky commenter will win three Lola and Louie gift cards!

**Must comment on blog to enter. Contest will close February 28, 2019.**

Berrie Torgan-Randall has been passionate about children’s literature since she was a little girl and has fed her desire by becoming a children’s librarian and by pursuing a career as an illustrator and writer of children’s books. Berrie has recently begun to send out her dummy book, “Tessa Rules the Day.” Her website is www.berrietr.com

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#LoveMadeVisible: One More Summer Gone, by Kristen Loughlin


One More Summer Gone

by Kristen Loughlin

I still remember
Days our footprints stained the shore,
When we wandered hand in hand,
When we asked for nothing more.

I still remember
When the sunsets came too soon,
But we danced from dusk to daylight,
Our only audience the moon.

I still remember
How the August wind grew cold,
How we thought we’d be forever
But the green faded to gold.

I still remember
How the autumn came to dawn.
Now we’re captured in a photograph
Of one more summer gone.


Kristen Loughlin is a college student from Chester County, PA. While she is studying to become an elementary school teacher, she is also pursuing writing and music. Her most recent creative project is an album of original songs, which you can listen to at https://soundcloud.com/kristenloughlin.


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