#LoveMadeVisible: Giveaway Roundup!

It’s been a LOVE-ly February here on Eastern Penn Points! Several of our contributors have generously offered giveaways – everything from critiques to books to artwork. Below, you’ll find links to the giveaway posts. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 28, so comment on each post to be sure you’re entered to win!

*Win a Critique by ARA and Blogmaster Lindsay Bandy!

*Win a copy of the book FOR BREAKFAST I ATE A PEANUT CHEW, illustrated by Berrie Torgan-Randall!

*Double Giveaway! Win a critique OR a print of DANCE AMONG PAINTED TREES by Charlie Eve Ryan!  (There will be two winners! Your odds are great!)

*Win a 6-pack of Punny Valentines (not just for V-day – these cards are perfect for telling someone you love them any day of the year!) by Cynthia Oswald!


This could be YOU!

That’s all for now!

Stayed tuned for the winners, as well as some exciting new event announcements!

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#LoveMadeVisible: Love’s Lessons, By Diane Hanington

If you had a love and the love was lost

There’s a lesson in the loss of that love

What you can learn from a love that’s been lost

Can lead you toward a larger love

If the lesson you will learn from a lost love isn’t learnt

Then the love that was lost was just lost

But if the lesson from the lost love is learnt

Then the love lost wasn’t a loss

Don’t lose the lessons you learned from lost love

Those lessons heal the love that was lost

One day you’ll leap into a lasting love

So long to that lingering love loss

About Diane: I’m a writer of picture books and middle grade books. I am currently working on my first MG fantasy novel. Besides writing, my passions are watching the Tennis Opens, playing tennis, researching my genealogy, browsing flea markets, crossword puzzles, and reading.


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#LoveMadeVisible: Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2, by Anni Matsick

Here’s a spread by Anni Matsick done for the sequel to Dinosaurs Living In My Hair! by Jayne M. Rose-Vallee, showing five friends who love sharing time together. Kids spend a lot of time focusing on their differences. DLIMH2 takes a look at what happens when five friends discover what they have in common: first grade challenges, curly hair, and . . . dinosaurs? The fun begins when these “surprising similarities” help them find the courage to stand up to classroom bullying. The book will be available this spring from Rosevallee Creations.



Anni Matsick is a children’s illustrator who lives and works in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. She was a presenter at eastern PA SCBWI’s 2017 Fall Philly. Two of her watercolor paintings of children are included in Splash 19: Illusion of Light to be published this spring by North Light Books. You can see the most recent picture books illustrated by Anni on her website at www.annimatsick.com

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#LoveMadeVisible: A Volcano Dessert, by Laura Marinakos

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Pick any flavor you love!
In fact, pick two, or even three
No need to stop with one!
Grab a bowl
Make sure it’s large
Try not to make a mess!
Fill it up with melty cream
This stickiness is fun!
Hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch
Feel free to pour them all!
Watch the stream run down the sides
Look, a volcano dessert!
A burst of whipped cream
Is all that you need!
And a sprinkle of peanuts
You must!
One more step
You’re almost done
Add a cherry or two to the top!

Laura Marinakos is an aspiring picture book writer who was first introduced to writing poetry for children during a graduate course in children’s literature. Her love for poetry has only grown from there. What Laura most enjoys are poems that evoke a true and deep image of childhood and all of the emotions that go along with it.

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#LoveMadeVisible: Confused Valentine, by Erik Ammon


I got this Valentine

In my bag,

But I’m not sure why.

I do not like her,

And she’s mean.

She stole my jello,

And she pushed me in the mud.

But, she gave me this card

That says I’m hers.

I peek over and

She’s staring at me.

Here she comes

Over to my desk

(I hide the candy that I like best).

And the next thing she does,

Is the worst thing yet:

She gives me a hug and

Says, “You’re my Valentine.”

Erik Ammon is a father, husband, teacher, and writer.  He had received numerous rejections from many agents and publishing houses, until 2017.  Both of his previously self-published picture story books, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly and The Lost Squirrel, were picked up by a new, small publishing company.  (Release date soon to be announced!) Erik hopes to land an agent in 2018 (or 19, or 20- I mean, come on, the Eagles finally won a Super Bowl!).


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#LoveMadeVisible: Love is All You Need, by Suzanne Gaadt


Suzanne Gaadt owns an eco-friendly graphic design studio and is an award-winning designer, writer, and illustrator with more than two decades of experience in visual communications. Recently she began focusing on writing and illustrating a children’s book. She also creates art for her line of stationery she named “Give A Fig.” In addition to creating books and cards, she hosts inspiration groups for young and old alike. Suzanne lives in the bucolic Brandywine Valley near the home of famed American illustrator N.C. Wyeth in Chadds Ford, PA. Nature, travel, and art are also sources of inspiration to her musical husband and two talented teens.
Follow Suzanne at “Give A Fig Cards” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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#LoveMadeVisible: The Inevitable, by Lindsay Bandy + Giveaway!

The following is an excerpt from my YA Magical Realism novel, THE INEVITABLE, which features three narrators, including one in verse. The story is about a girl cursed to die young three times, a boy cursed with foreknowledge of and the inability to prevent her deaths, and the Three Sisters of Fate whose very existence depends on their lives and deaths going to plan….

Once Upon A Time…
Electricity buzzed through Three great parks:
And Dreamland.

Crowded side-by-side on Coney Island, they were jealous sisters,
competing for attention, always trying to outdo one another.
Each of them was grand in her own way:
Luna had coasters, and sugary pops of cheerful color.
Luna had stars and a moon.
Steeplechase had a pier for dancing on top and kissing below.
Steeplechase had horses for racing and fortunes for the taking.
But Dreamland was white and black.
Dreamland was made of angels and demons.
Dreamland was lovely and dangerous and doomed.

It was in this place,
in the year 1910,
that a Boy made of color
a Girl made of night…


Hell Gate was a real ride at Coney Island’s Dreamland Park, where the fire of 1911 began–and destroyed the park.

Lindsay Bandy is the ARA and blogmaster for EPA SCBWI, and has two poems slated for publication in Highlights Hello. She lives in Southern Lancaster County with her husband, two daughters, and cat, so when she’s not writing or SCBWI-ing, she’s momming.

Comment before February 28 for a chance to win a manuscript critique!

(Picture book or novel, up to 10 pages via e-mail)

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