Submission Guidelines/Monthly Themes

Our blog is your blog!  There is no doubt – there is power in numbers.  The more voices we have contributing (writing for and commenting), the stronger and more useful this site will be for all of us.  We’re looking for members who are willing to contribute to the blog on an occasional and/or regular basis.

We’re also looking to share your good news! Big or small, we heart it all! We want to celebrate you, our faithful members, so let us toot your horn!

Submissions can be emailed to Lindsay Bandy at with all text contained in the body of the email rather than as an attached file.

 General submission guidelines:  

  • All contributions must be your own work.
  • Please keep your word count to around 1,500 words. Many times, less is more.
  • Please do not include artwork or images due to copyright concern (Jacket covers and author photos are acceptable).
  • Please include a brief bio with your work.

2018 Monthly Themes:

  • June: Finding Your Fit! Where do you fit in the market? How do you know who to submit to? What are your personal/professional goals? Do you have comp titles in mind? Do you know your genre? We all need to carve out our own niche amongst like-minded souls. We all want to stand out in the crowd. Let’s talk about it!

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