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Introducing Your Characters to Your Friends, by Lindsay Bandy

July is all about picnics, fireworks, and…CHARACTER! You probably already had your BBQ for Independence Day, but it’s not too late to introduce your characters to your friends. No, I don’t mean you should pull chairs around the campfire and … Continue reading

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Going to Movie School: 5 Ways Films Can Help Your Writing, by Lori Ann Palma

  In a post in March of this year, I focused on tips for writing realistic dialogue in YA fiction . One of the key points I mentioned was to turn on film subtitles (or closed captions) to improve your … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

Skink–No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen If you’re looking for a quirky read that’s different than any other YA you’ve read this summer, then pick up Skink–No Surrender, which is one of Carl Hiaasen’s books for young readers. Featuring Skink, a … Continue reading

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Killing Off Your Two-Headed Monsters, by Lindsay Bandy

Writing is brave work, especially when it comes to the tricky badlands of your personal business. When a real-life person inspires a fictional character, we sensitive writers are often afraid that the subject of our inspiration will recognize him/herself. We … Continue reading

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Girls are to Diamonds as Novelists are to…..Enneagrams! by Lindsay Bandy

  That’s right, this little jewel just may be your new best friend! When it comes to strong characterization, what we really need to know as authors is core motivation. What does our hero really, truly want? What is her greatest fear, … Continue reading

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