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#Vacation: “The Best Vacation of All!” a Poem by Diane Hanington

The Best Vacation of All! By Diane Hanington My eyes won’t stop wandering, My attention is in lack. My legs are extremely restless, Can’t wait to go home and pack. At last the bell finally rings, A hundred feet hit … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Nature’s Love, by Diane Hanington

Nature’s Love By Diane Hanington When your heart weighs heavy Nature provides these smells Open your nose to Hyacinths in bloom Air so pure after rain Grass just recently mowed Garden soil freshly dug Rose petals opening wide Pine trees … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Love’s Lessons, By Diane Hanington

If you had a love and the love was lost There’s a lesson in the loss of that love What you can learn from a love that’s been lost Can lead you toward a larger love If the lesson you … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: A Tribute, by Diane Hanington

Alone, afraid a child sobs, As fire burns around him A family screams as they shiver, Searching for their youngest son Minutes tick by, screams turn to joy, A family is reunited When through hot flames and choking smoke, A … Continue reading

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2018: A New Beginning by Diane Hanington

As the New Year dawns I begin to think about my writing goals and what I would like to achieve. It’s always a good time, an opportune time, to reflect on the year past and look forward to the New … Continue reading

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