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The Stalled Story, by Eva Polites

Writer’s block. Dreaded words for a dreadful condition. Thankfully, there are blog posts, articles, and books devoted to this ailment. The afflicted writer can easily find tips and remedies to deal with this condition and start writing again. For me … Continue reading

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Writerly Advice—Get Involved, by Eva Polites

Writing is solitary, and after a while, loneliness and doubt may set in and lead to a slump. To overcome this obstacle, I recommend joining a writing group such as our very own SCBWI. As a member, you can get … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Process of Re-envisioning, by Eva Polites

Revision. My students shudder when I run rough draft workshops in class. They love revision as much as they love peer review. Which means they loathe revision. The problem is most students don’t see themselves as writers. They see themselves … Continue reading

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A Continuing Education, by Eva Polites

So September’s theme—education—should have been an easy off the cuff post to write. After all I have been in school since I was four. In my forty-five years in the educational system, I shouldn’t be searching for what to write. … Continue reading

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My Summer Reading, by Eva Polites

Finally, I have time to read, which means my summer has begun. Ever since I became a reader (third grade), I have enjoyed the freedom of spending my days engrossed in good books. I still love to read and I … Continue reading

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Real Fiction, by Eva Polites

Is there any true fiction? I would venture to say that the answer is no. As a writer, I draw upon my own experiences, observations, and research. Most of my characters have traits that I have observed in others or … Continue reading

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