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An Interview with Author-Illustrator Melissa Iwai, by Virginia Law Manning

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Brooklyn-based author-illustrator Melissa Iwai. I first met Melissa in 2015 and have been following her career and getting to know her ever since. Melissa is talented, humble, genuine, and supportive, so I knew … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Warm. So Warm, by Kate Garchinsky

Warm. So Warm By Kate Garchinsky From The Secret Life of the Skunk written by Laurence Pringle (Boyds Mills Press, August 13, 2019). Kate Garchinsky’s first word was “bird.” Now she illustrates award-winning books about birds and other wild creatures, including The Secret … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Inamorato Inamorata, by Victor Stabin

Inamorato Inamorata By Victor Stabin “Inamorato Inamorata” is another illustration from Victor Stabin’s unique ABC book, Daedal Doodle. Daedal Doodle’s 26 dictionary-driven characters catapulted Victor’s creativity into writing and animation. In addition, because the book is dictionary driven, he was asked to … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: The Bond, by Tara Santoro

The Bond By Tara Santoro “The Bond” is a commissioned piece depicting a girl and her beloved horse. The horse who helped change her world. Tara Santoro grew up in a small New Jersey town known as the home of … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: How Do I Love Thee, by Kathy Spall

How Do I Love Thee By Kathy Spall Kathy Spall studied art and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in fashion design. Later she taught PE at a preschool and ballet, tap, and acro classes at a dance … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Bear and His Eggs, by Meg Auchenbach

Bear and His Eggs by Meg Auchenbach Meg Auchenbach is an illustrator, writer, and educator with a B.F.A in painting and an M.F.A in Illustration. As a child, Meg created many books and dreamt of being a children’s book writer and … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: That’s Amore, by Suzanne Gaadt

©Suzanne Gaadt, gaadt.com That’s Amore By Suzanne Gaadt Suzanne Gaadt is an award-winning designer and illustrator. She’s passionate about books and the arts and is a keen observer of the natural world. Suzanne’s stationery company, Give A Fig™, features her illustrations on cards … Continue reading

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