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#LoveMadeVisible: My Twin, by Kandice LaShae

A poem dedicated to my twin sister Katrice She’s a special part of me So much more than my better half We look the same But we’re very different Let me take a minute to explain People call me “the … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible: Gardening, by Ann Magee

You didn’t wait for the first green shoot to peek out of the fertile ground, see the first tiny leaf unfurl.   You didn’t weed the bed season after season, getting dirt under your nails.   You didn’t take the … Continue reading

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The Mermaid’s Tears, by Gayle C. Krause

THE MERMAID’S TEARS By Gayle C. Krause   Banished to the bottom of the sea for all eternity for saving her beloved sea captain from a terrible storm,  a heart-broken mermaid cried tears of sadness, which changed color and washed up on … Continue reading

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THE CORMORANT, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

The cormorant,      the black thunderbolt of the sea,     a heavenly shadow, a talisman      of horizons that shimmer and blaze between dreaming waves and winds of memory;      from angels to lips of drowning men      he carries kisses, … Continue reading

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NEXUS, by JK George

  For Asher   Oh speak to me of driving rain Downpours drenching us to the bone Your voice ricocheting off the pavement in fervent drops Rolling off the edge into the torrent   Oh speak to me of tender … Continue reading

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LOVE, by Chrissa Pedersen

Love sprang from the earth like a new tree grown. Reaching, stretching, yearning, for the sun. Water dripped from leaves, from eyes. Thirsty, we drank. Our roots holding fast, against wind and storm.

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Celebrate Words Like a Poet, by Lindsay Bandy

Whale. Palm tree. Intestines. Roses. That was the dude’s poem. Seriously. When a visiting “modern poet” came to my Creative Writing class and read his stream-of-consciousness poetry aloud, most of us were dumbfounded. A guy raised his hand and asked … Continue reading

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