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The Biggest Mistake You’ll Ever Make! by Anthony D. Fredericks

Navigating     Nonfiction A monthly column by Anthony D. Fredericks Every so often, a friend will hand me a children’s book manuscript and ask if I would look at it and offer an honest review.  I’m always delighted to do so.  … Continue reading

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Reading to Write, by Eva Polites

Every semester I will have at least one student who asks me, “what can I do to become a better writer.” Students who ask this are looking for the secret sauce. A secret sauce that hopefully does not involve too … Continue reading

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A Continuing Education, by Eva Polites

So September’s theme—education—should have been an easy off the cuff post to write. After all I have been in school since I was four. In my forty-five years in the educational system, I shouldn’t be searching for what to write. … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey   In this first book in a new series for young adults by Rick Yancey, the 5th Wave has descended, and Cassie Sullivan roams the empty, desolate roads trying to find her little brother … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

Reality Boy by A.S. King   When Gerald was 5, his parents allowed a television crew into their home to film a reality show. As a network TV nanny tries to fix their dysfunctional family in front of America, Gerald … Continue reading

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My Summer Reading, by Eva Polites

Finally, I have time to read, which means my summer has begun. Ever since I became a reader (third grade), I have enjoyed the freedom of spending my days engrossed in good books. I still love to read and I … Continue reading

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Writer’s Read

By Elizabeth Swartz Go ahead and read 1,000 books. Not just any books, though, read 1,000 books like the one you want to write. Yep, you heard me. Linda Sue Parks recommends that strategy to people who want to write … Continue reading

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