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#BelieveInMagic Day 18: The Goddess and the Astronomer, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

The Goddess and the Astronomer  She danced the trees’ vermilion dream ++With hands that beckoned to the night ++To send upon a lunar beam A partner for her lone delight. ++Then, swiftly in the silver glow, ++The reddened leaves took … Continue reading

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THE CORMORANT, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

The cormorant,      the black thunderbolt of the sea,     a heavenly shadow, a talisman      of horizons that shimmer and blaze between dreaming waves and winds of memory;      from angels to lips of drowning men      he carries kisses, … Continue reading

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#LoveMadeVisible Day 11: On A Windy Field, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

On a Windy Field by Ryan Chiang McCarthy ___________________________________________________ Red wheeling leaf I caught today within my coat all puffed with air- did I disturb your dying play and stain your waning days with care? You see, my earthy mind … Continue reading

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