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The End, by Anthony D. Fredericks

A Monthly Column by Anthony D. Fredericks The End Recently, I met with a former student. Over tall cups of coffee, she told me about the challenges and difficulties she experiences every day as an inner city teacher. She regaled … Continue reading

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The Stalled Story, by Eva Polites

Writer’s block. Dreaded words for a dreadful condition. Thankfully, there are blog posts, articles, and books devoted to this ailment. The afflicted writer can easily find tips and remedies to deal with this condition and start writing again. For me … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block (Don’t Fall for It!), by Anthony D. Fredericks

Navigating  Nonfiction A monthly column by Anthony D. Fredericks I don’t get “writer’s block!” Never have, never will. Why? Because I believe writer’s block is a personal exemption—a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. It’s an all-too-common fallback; a walled defense against discipline; and … Continue reading

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Be Nice to Yourself! by Lindsay Bandy

I’m so excited by all the talk of goal-setting around here! We are truly a strong community making each other stronger all the time! As you get into the swing of things here in 2017, I just wanted to give … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Pantser Turned Plantser: Nothing is Wasted, by Lindsay Bandy

Sitting in my college creative writing class, I absorbed the words of my pony-tailed professor: “Nobody knows exactly where they’re going when they sit down to write a novel.” 20-year-old me took this to mean that sitting down at my … Continue reading

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A Five Step Plan for Beating Writer’s Block: Have a Party! by Lori Ann Palma

I think it’s safe to say that every writer will experience writer’s block at least once. The term writer’s block refers to the experience of not being able to get an idea, any idea, to stick long enough to say … Continue reading

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Stuck? Get Curious! by Lindsay Bandy

If Big Brother is keeping records of my search history, I’m probably on a watch list. My writing takes me down some pretty weird bunny trails, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. The best kind of … Continue reading

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I Dare You to “Lern,” by Lindsay Bandy

My writing notebook was recently hijacked by a 6-year-old. My oldest daughter decided to use it to practice her handwriting. She also gave it a title, which it was, admittedly, lacking. Behold my notebook: This is my project journal, filled … Continue reading

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