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Focusing the Viewpoint Camera Lens with help from Orson Scott Card, by Kristen C. Strocchia

     November’s Silver screen theme brought to mind the book Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.  While it’s a book on craft not cinema, Card talks about using viewpoint like a movie camera lens and provides visual examples to … Continue reading

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Got Business Questions? by Lindsay Bandy

Of course you do! That’s why I’ve invited NY editorial consultant Elizabeth Law to stop by the Eastern Penn Points Cafe…with a twist! YOU ask the questions. That’s right, we’ll be doing our first reader-question-based interview later this month. So … Continue reading

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Story Map Like a First Grader….Or Better Yet, WITH a First Grader! by Lindsay Bandy

Every children’s book author dreams of a classroom full of kids, giggling, clapping, and generally adoring their book. But what does it take to be a “classroom book?” Well, there are standards of learning and curriculum, there are personal preferences of … Continue reading

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Finish This Sentence:

You know you are a writer and/or illustrator when….

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Developing Theme in Fiction: What’s It All About? by Lori Ann Palma

Developing a resonating theme in your fictional story may seem like trying to capture fog in a jar, but if you understand the definition of theme, you can begin to spot it growing in your story, as well as consciously … Continue reading

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Behave Yourself with Backstory! by Lindsay Bandy

You know that person who tells the story about a five-second incident in the grocery store in a painful, 7.5-minute re-enaction? This happened, then that happened, then she said, and I was like, blah-blah-blah. We want the story to be over. … Continue reading

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Going into the Basement: Confronting Fear and Writing, by Lori Ann Palma

Picture a scene from a horror movie—it usually goes something like this: The heroine sits on the couch to watch television after putting the kids to bed. She’s alone, it’s dark out, and it’s pouring buckets of rain outside. She … Continue reading

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