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Writer Beware: The Horizons of Writing Craft, by Kristen C. Strocchia

Since language and culture are living, breathing and actively changing, the literature they produce—and therefore our craft as writers—change with them.  What’s trending now, is not what trended a hundred years ago or what will be trending a hundred years … Continue reading

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Overcoming Perfectionism—A Writing Virus, by Lori Ann Palma

As fiction writers, we’re all carriers for the virus Perfectionism. The symptoms are well-documented: brow-furrows, fear and doubt in the vicinity of a writing instrument, frequent headaches, irritability, Facebook and Twitter addiction, just to name a few. You may not … Continue reading

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Last Writer Standing, by Lindsay Bandy

What does late-night comedy writing have in common with writing for kids and young adults, you ask? Ah, very much indeed. On Wednesday nights, my husband and I enjoy getting the kids to bed and watching Last Comic Standing for some … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey   In this first book in a new series for young adults by Rick Yancey, the 5th Wave has descended, and Cassie Sullivan roams the empty, desolate roads trying to find her little brother … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven   When Theodore Finch first speaks to Violet Markey, a girl he barely knows, it’s on top of their high school bell tower, where they are both contemplating suicide. As they help each … Continue reading

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I Dare You to “Lern,” by Lindsay Bandy

My writing notebook was recently hijacked by a 6-year-old. My oldest daughter decided to use it to practice her handwriting. She also gave it a title, which it was, admittedly, lacking. Behold my notebook: This is my project journal, filled … Continue reading

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Writing Advice from Best-Selling Authors Stephen Chbosky and Jay Asher, by Jennie K. Brown

There are some major perks (no pun intended – and you will see why soon enough…) to being the President of the PA Council of Teacher of English and Language Arts.  For example, a few weeks ago, I had the … Continue reading

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Meet Eastern PA’s Jennie K. Brown! by Lindsay Bandy

I’m delighted to introduce you to one of our newest Eastern Penn Points contributors, debut author Jennie K. Brown! I invited her for a Cafe Chat so we could get to know her little bit better. Make sure you say … Continue reading

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What Teens Love, Hate, and WANT in Literature, Part 3 by Lindsay Bandy

At last, we come to the denouement of our YA survey, what teens WANT in literature. If you are anything like me, this will read like writerly gold! I was impressed with the sophistication and reflective quality of these answers, … Continue reading

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