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Get in Line for the Roller Coaster! by Lindsay Bandy

Over Thanksgiving, I was explaining the crazy, long revision/submission/revision/submission/revision/publication process to some of my relatives. They were shocked! Did agents really ask you to make changes to your masterpiece? And then editors want to make more changes? Is it still … Continue reading

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Focusing the Viewpoint Camera Lens with help from Orson Scott Card, by Kristen C. Strocchia

     November’s Silver screen theme brought to mind the book Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.  While it’s a book on craft not cinema, Card talks about using viewpoint like a movie camera lens and provides visual examples to … Continue reading

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Going to Movie School: 5 Ways Films Can Help Your Writing, by Lori Ann Palma

  In a post in March of this year, I focused on tips for writing realistic dialogue in YA fiction . One of the key points I mentioned was to turn on film subtitles (or closed captions) to improve your … Continue reading

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The Value of Critique Groups, by Mark Magro

Writing is not a team sport. Really, if I had to give an analogy, I would say writing is like starting an epic solo hike. You pack your gear and tools, all ready to go, with dreams of how wonderful … Continue reading

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Got Business Questions? by Lindsay Bandy

Of course you do! That’s why I’ve invited NY editorial consultant Elizabeth Law to stop by the Eastern Penn Points Cafe…with a twist! YOU ask the questions. That’s right, we’ll be doing our first reader-question-based interview later this month. So … Continue reading

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Pssst….Have You Backed Up Your Files Lately?? by Lindsay Bandy

I know, it’s kind of a “duh” post. But seriously, back your files up! Lots of us are left to mourn lost work because computers burp or have an all-out heart attack and keel over. If pieces of your heart, … Continue reading

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Is It Okay to Abandon My Writing Project? Make a Decision in 3 Steps, by Lori Ann Palma

  Writing is a lot like a game of five card draw; you take a risk that what you throw down is good enough to win against other influences in your life, such as time, unsupportive friends or family, and … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven   When Theodore Finch first speaks to Violet Markey, a girl he barely knows, it’s on top of their high school bell tower, where they are both contemplating suicide. As they help each … Continue reading

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Read This! by Lori Ann Palma

Skink–No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen If you’re looking for a quirky read that’s different than any other YA you’ve read this summer, then pick up Skink–No Surrender, which is one of Carl Hiaasen’s books for young readers. Featuring Skink, a … Continue reading

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Behave Yourself with Backstory! by Lindsay Bandy

You know that person who tells the story about a five-second incident in the grocery store in a painful, 7.5-minute re-enaction? This happened, then that happened, then she said, and I was like, blah-blah-blah. We want the story to be over. … Continue reading

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