You’re Invited to the Rosenbach Museum!

Eastern PA picture book illustrators and authors!
If anyone wants to join in a visit to the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia before the extensive Maurice Sendak collection leaves for good, you can email Adrienne Wright, Illustrator Coordinator Possible dates for the group visit are October 22, 24 and 29. Or go on your own when you can before the collection leaves Nov 2.

We could go for coffee afterwards and commiserate.
This is not sponsored by SCBWI and admission is required.

Many of us enjoyed the special exhibition and tour which was on display at the time of the 2012 Illustrator Day held at the Rosenbach, coincidentally the weekend after MS died. It would be great to get one last look before the collection goes to its new home.
Credit for this good idea goes to Kate Garchinsky!

Whether or not you go, you can enjoy the Stephen Colbert interview with Sendak here:

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One Response to You’re Invited to the Rosenbach Museum!

  1. Ponder says:

    Hello all, I’d love to go but I have a busy schedule, we’ll see if the dates work out!

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