#BelieveInMagic Day 22: Suntaxis, by Abbe Mogell



Snap chap
chump de bump
chump de bump got de mumps
snap chap mumped the bumps
and wore his mamas pumps
dee dat chump got mumps
lumpy pumpy dee dat chump
find herself down in the dumps
with lumps
dee mumps at three no four
I cant say no more
Its just a bore
that time at four
chump de bump she got de mumps
mumpsees bumpsees
look at deezees cheezees
cheekee weekee
sore no more laid out on the floor

Suntaxis— from Greek    sun-‘together’ + tassein to ‘arrange’

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#BelieveInMagic Day 21: August Leisure, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli


Jennifer Hansen Rolli is a fine artist, author, and illustrator from Bucks County.  You can learn more about Jenny and her books, illustrations, and artwork at www.jenniferhansenrolli.com

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#BelieveInMagic Day 20: Make a Wish! by Anni Matsick (plus Giveaway!)


©2017 Anni Matsick

A hand signed and matted print of this watercolor by Anni Matsick will be sent to the lucky person chosen randomly from the posted comments! A name of their choice will be added, and the mat will fit in an 8” x 10” frame.

 The giveaway contest is open until February 28, so get those comments rolling in! The winner will be announced in March.

Anni illustrated The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes by Elaine Sussman, a new release from Lightswitch Learning. She is working on art for a sequel to the award-winning picture book Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! by Jayne M. Vallee. More of Anni’s work can be seen at annimatsick.com.

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#BelieveInMagic Day 19: Hello Heart Philly Kids, by Abbe Mogell


Hello Heart Philly Kids

Hello Heart I hear you beat
when I wake and walk down the street
Im from Philly thats my gig
kids from here
they have no fear
Im ready for school
so that I can be
the most spectacular
you will see
I have no eyes to see your color
just eyes that see your
beautiful heart
with those words
Im ready to start

a new generation
out with the old
Im a Philly heart kid

Hello Heart I hear your beat
when I wake and walk down the street
and Vine
We are now
the devine-ist

Hello Heart you have one too
can you feel it?
O wahoo
Thank you God for this inside sound
what a feeling I have found.


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#BelieveInMagic Day 18: The Goddess and the Astronomer, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy


The Goddess and the Astronomer

 She danced the trees’ vermilion dream

++With hands that beckoned to the night

++To send upon a lunar beam

A partner for her lone delight.

++Then, swiftly in the silver glow,

++The reddened leaves took elfish flight,

And sporting where the breeze would blow,

++They danced her through the forest wide,

++Through gates that only ravens know,

To stars where she is glorified.


Of snow are clothed his cabin walls,

++Of ice his eyes that scan the spheres,

++While tears turned snowflakes softly fall.

Her friends, the fleetly roving deer,

++Draw near to mock him silently-

++They stamp his flame, and disappear.

Her birds invade the astral sea,

++And break the constellations’ lines

++Confounding his astronomy-

Her planet still he strains to find.


Her raven messenger am I,

++Who watched him cast her love away

++By doubting her divinity.

His heart shall freeze by break of day,

++His wintry penance all in vain,

++Unless he find the starry way.

And though to lead him I am fain,

++To her commandments I defer

++And stand aloof, until she deign

To pardon her astronomer.

Ryan Chiang McCarthy is an MG and YA fantasy writer who has completed his second novel, a YA gothic horror, Endzela the Wanderer.  He is currently writing another horror novel about witchcraft in the jungles of Borneo where his mom grew up. When not writing, he enjoys traveling with his wife and poring over quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @ChiangMcCarthy.

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#BelieveInMagic Day 17: Red Door, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli


Jennifer Hansen Rolli is a fine artist, author, and illustrator from Bucks County.  You can learn more about Jenny and her books, illustrations, and artwork at www.jenniferhansenrolli.com

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#BelieveInMagic Day 16: Thirsty, by Lindsay Bandy



If I had wings, away I’d fly
To taste this splendid, sunset sky
I’d bring a straw in hopes it’s made
Of sweet strawberry lemonade

Lindsay Bandy is the Assistant Regional Advisor and Co-Blogmaster for EPA SCBWI. Tweet a hello @bandy_lindsay!

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#BelieveInMagic Day 15: These Boots Were Made For Magic, by Lori Ann Palma


Lori Ann Palma earned a Fine Arts degree before deciding she wanted to tell stories with words instead of pictures. Now focused on Young Adult fiction, she writes and creates in southern New Jersey, contributes to the Adventures in YA Publishing blog, and is the Co-Blog Coordinator for EPA SCBWI.

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#BelieveInMagic Day 14: Mushroom Magic, by Kim Kurki (plus Book Giveaway!)


Mushroom Magic

If you come upon a mushroom ring, it’s sure to bring delight.
What magic caused this marvel that has popped up over night?
The fungus known as Fairy Ring grows in a circle round,
Where some say fairies dance within, or buried treasure’s found.
Some think it’s caused by lightning strikes or witches casting spells.
To step inside, on a moonlit night, risks capture by the elves.

The mushroom is a curious plant which needs no light to thrive.
The toadstools growing from the ground are more than meets the eye.
The strange, alluring cap and stalk is just the fruit we see,
Like an apple hanging from a branch upon its parent tree.
The “parent” is the feeding threads which grow beneath the ground.
They form a circle as they spread, and toadstools sprout around.

The ring can live for many years, growing all the while,
From two feet in diameter to wider than a mile!
So what’s the purpose of this plant? Umbrella for a mouse?
A pleasant perch for a resting toad, or a tiny pixie house?
This mushroom is a source of food for critters large and small,
But the fungus has a special job, the cleverest of all.

As part of nature’s clean-up crew, it helps to decompose,
Turning refuse from a dying plant into soil as it grows.
The spreading of its feeding threads can eat up toxic spills,
And research has discovered that some species cure our ills.
The magic of the mushroom is its underrated worth.
The fungus that’s among us may just help to save the earth.

Kim has offered a signed copy of her non-fiction book, National Wildlife Federation’s World of Birds: A Beginner’s Guide, which she wrote and illustrated. For children ages 7-12, the book contains whimsical poetry about a variety of bird species.

To enter the giveaway, add a comment below ! The giveaway contest is open until February 28, and the winners will be announced in March.

Kim Kurki has been working as an illustrator since graduating from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (magna cum laude) in 1980. Her work has been published and distributed world-wide on fine art prints, packaging, and numerous stationery and gift products. Recent work includes commissioned fine art illustrations for Merck & Co. Inc. and illustrations for Yankee Publishing (The Old Farmer’s Almanac, etc.)

For almost a decade, she wrote and illustrated for National Wildlife Federation’s Your Big Backyard magazine, creating a monthly page called “Explore the Big Outdoors.” This award-winning column featured birds, animals, and plants that children can find in “their own backyards”. Her first book, National Wildlife Federation’s World of Birds: A Beginner’s Guide, has evolved from that collection of work. Published by Black Dog & Leventhal for ages 7-12, it is the first in a series of books introducing the natural world to young readers (and curious adults!) NWF’s World of Birds recently won a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Gold Medal for Best Nonfiction Publication: Animals/Pets, November 2014.

Scholastic has adopted NWF’s World of Birds as part of its book fair offerings for students.

Kim is available to share her experiences through school visits, family events, and presentations for adult groups. See her Facebook page for more information.

A native of Bucks County, PA, Kim currently resides in Penns Park. She surrounds herself with native plants and wildflowers and shares the property with many wild creatures that provide inspiration and delight. You can see more of Kim’s work at www.kurkiillustration.com.

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#BelieveInMagic Day 13: Harbor Haiku, by Lindsay Bandy


Harbor Haiku

Flags flicker, boats bob
Wobbly legs leap a landing,
Ocean waves farewell

Lindsay Bandy is the Assistant Regional Advisor and Co-Blogmaster for EPA SCBWI. Tweet a hello @bandy_lindsay!

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